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Best Soup Maker Recipes

Our Favourite Soup Maker RecipesBelow you will find a list of our favourite soup recipes that are designed to be easy to make in a soup maker. We have produced a list of these just below. Click on any of the recipes to be taken to the actual specific recipe on how to make your […]

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What Makes A Great Soup?

There is a huge misconception that soups are only for the winter season, and really only for warming us up, or eaten if we are feeling poorly. Now of course soup is ideal for that but soup can be eaten all year round, and provides a rich source of nourishment. Soups are great for people on […]

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Best Soup for Weight Loss

For weight loss there are ingredients you should include in a soup and some you should certainly avoid. Vegetables is of course an exccelent choice and they also contain many nutrients so are very good for you and will also help keep you nourished. Most soups are low in fat and contain a few calories, but […]

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Best Soup for a Sore Throat

We all know how truly annoying a sore throat can be. Even a simple swallow can make you grimace and trying to eat anuthing can at times become just a very difficult thing to do. Anything that can help sooth the general throat area has to be in my opinion a very good thing. Not only […]

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Is Soup Really Good For You?

We can say with some confidence that soup is certainly not bad for you. It is also a fact that some soups are better for you than others. Without doing any huge scientific study into this area we think it is obvious that a homemade soup will be better for you than a soup that […]

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Best Soup for a Cold or Flu

We have all been there have we not? Your nose is running, your head is aching and you feel as my mother used to say “like death warmed up.” As we know there is no quick and easy cure for the common cold or flu. At the end of the day you are trying to […]

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