Morphy Richards 501015 Soup Maker Review 

This soup and smoothie maker from Morphy Richards is, like their other models, amongst the highest rated soup makers available in the UK today.

At around £68 the 501015 soup and smoothie maker is one of the most expensive models at present. With an average price range for soup makers from £50 - £60 so the 501015 puts itself to the top end of that range.

It sells on a consistent basis. As usual has the stylish Morphy Richards look, and in this case with a classy trim in red. It has a good number of buyer reviews online and has achieved and maintained a very good rating of 90% buyer Satisfaction from actual buyers.

That is a high rating and reached over a fairly brief period of time since introduction in June 2015.

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As you can see from the image below this can also be used as a great smoothie and juice maker

morphy richards 501015 smoothie maker

Features of the Morphy Richards 501015 Soup Maker at a glance

  • Four settings – smooth, chunky, juice and full blend
  • 1.6 litre capacity – serves up to 4 people
  • Innovative top down blade design makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Fresh homemade soup in as little as 21 minutes
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Brushed stainless steel finish with jazzy red trim

Main Review

Almost 70 % of buyers gave the model a full 5 star rating and were very satisfied with their product. For this Morphy Richards model there was one buyer who left a 1 star rating.

He had the same problem as some who bought other Morphy Richards Soup Makers in that after a short time their machines simply stopped working, so asked for a refund.

As stated elsewhere considering the number of 5 star ratings this would seem to be a very minor issue, but it’s something the makers would really need to look at.

As with the rest of the range, this soup maker that can make up to 1.6 litre capacity. That is suitable for making enough soup for up to four servings. It does not though have the additional functions like sauté and pause which are available on the 501014 putting it at a slight disadvantage. But it is red

What Buyers Liked about the Morphy Richards 501015

Below I have summarised what the majority of buyers liked about this model

  • Simple to use with clear instructions
  • Much easier to wipe clean than buyers had expected
  • Some soups ready in just 21 minutes
  • Great super easy recipes included
  • Can make milkshakes and smoothies - great for big kids
  • Stylish red /stainless steel finish looks great in the kitchen

One buyer reviewer George said this:

Since first getting my soup maker 3 weeks ago I can honestly say it has been used 5 days out of 7 – and that’s without my wife getting a look in!I am a big lover of soup but was always put off by the thought of standing over a pan bubbling away on the stove with food sticking to the pan etc etc – but this soup maker means making soup is an absolute breeze!


What buyers did not like about the 501015

  • Some had difficulty washing the item as it cannot be fully submersed
  • Some buyers also felt that a better variety of soup recipes should have been included

Summary & Conclusion

Morphy Richards are one of the leading soup maker manufacturers and are a well known brand with a wide range of excellent products.

2 year warranty

Average Price - £80


The overall rating is a very positive one by buyers of the 501015 Soup Maker. The only really low rating was for what looks like a small technical fault.

I particularly like the red trim which gives a really modern look for today’s kitchen.

The overall rating is a very positive one by buyers of the 501015 Soup Maker.

Buyers simply were amazed by the convenience of soup making with this model and say that the product works a treat. I particularly like the red trim which gives a really modern look for today’s kitchen.

As we mentioned this one is now priced at the higher end of the price point range but if you fancy red for a change keep an eye out for special offers..

However if this is not the soup maker for you, then check out all the other Morphy Richard models by clicking here, where you can see the Morphy Richard's full range. If you are not stuck on this brand, you can also check out our top 10 list of all brands of soup makers by clicking here.

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