Morphy Richards 501028 Soup Maker Review 

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the Morphy Richards 501028 soup maker model. This Morphy Richards model came out as the number two soup maker on our top 20 list.

With an average buyer rating of 94% you can tell that this one is very high quality, and it is also affordable.

There are plenty of online buyer reviews, so clearly this particular model sells really well.  

We have completed a full review below. However if you are pushed for time you can click on the link just below to read the reviews at Amazon UK.

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For now though, lets continue on with the review of this 501028 model, so as you can better understand its features, and decide if this is the right soup maker for your needs.

Who Would Buy this Soup Maker?

If you are someone who enjoys home made soup and want a quick and efficient way of making it, then an electric kettle style soup maker is a very good choice for you.

The 501028 model is one of their latest model, and it is a simple and basic maker, that is perfect for making soup. It is not difficult to use and many buyers like that simplicity.

Please note that this one does not have the saute function. That means that if you want to add ingredients like garlic, onion, peppers or bacon etc, then you will need to fry those off in a pan first.

Morphy Richards 501028 Soupmaker Review

Key Features of the Morphy Richards 501028 Soup Maker

  • This model has 4 settings which are smooth, chunky, juice and a manual option
  • 1.6 litre capacity – serves up to 4 people
  • Fresh homemade soup in as little as 21 minutes
  • Easy clean coating that makes it easy and quick to clean
  • Weighs 2.42 Kg and measures 35.4 x 22.6 x 21.8 cm
  • 1,000 watts of power
  • Has a blend function
  • Uses a top down blade design and that makes it a great deal easier to clean the blade
  • There are some recipes that are included in the instruction booklet

How Buyers Rate the 501028 Model?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 81% of buyers gave the 501028 model a full 5 star rating
  • 3% of all buyers gave this one a bad rating

Most buyers said this was a very useful kitchen gadget, and it certainly is a simple and effective method to quickly make great tasting soups. Buyers also said they liked the fact that they could pick from 4 different settings.

As with the rest of the range, this soup maker that can make up to a 1.6 litre capacity. That is suitable for making enough soup for up to four to six  servings. The key factor for many buyers was it was very simple to use and didn't have any complicated settings to figure out.

What Buyers Liked about the Morphy Richards 501028

Below I have summarised what the majority of buyers liked about this model

  • This is a good basic quality soup maker without the frills
  • It is easy to use and easy to clean
  • Some soups ready in just 21-28 minutes depending on the type
  • Great for regular and frequent use and extremely easy to use
  • The soup is hot and delicious

What Buyers Didn't Like

  • Some buyers said they would have preferred this with the saute function

The Morphy Richards Brand

I think before you buy something from a company it is always a good idea to know a little something about the company. First of all they are a UK brand based in Swinton Meadows, Yorkshire, England and they were founded back in 1936 just before the First World War. Donal Morphy was an electrical engineer and Charles Richards was a salesman who combined their knowledge and started this now well known company.

In the 1950s they then started to develop steam irons. Morphy then sold his shares to a company called EMI and Richards joined a company called GEC. A new Managing Director was appointed called Willis Roxborough and he changed the emphasis of the company to making home and domestic appliances.

In the early 1970s BDA joined with Hotpoint, GEC, English Electric and Morphy Richards and dominated the UK market for millions of household products. Almost every home in the UK would have had some form of appliance made by Morphy Richards, be that a toaster or an iron. At one stage they even merged with the Schreiber Furniture company, before eventually BDA changed its name to the now popular Hotpoint brand.

They are now owned by the Glenn Dimplex Group who are an Irish based consumer electrical good firm and acquired them in 1985. They have continued to produce household appliances and as you can imagine are up against plenty of competition in this market.

Our Verdict on the Morphy Richards 501028 Soup Maker

  • This is a good but very basic soup maker
  • It did come out as the number two on our top 20 list of soup makers
  • The price is affordable for most people
  • It does have limited features and we think the pause function and the saute function are important, which this one does not have.
  • It certainly looks well and it really is a great kitchen gadget to own if you like a good tasting soup for your lunch
  • Many buyers make a couple of different soups at the start of the week and then freeze them for lunches etc

It is pretty clear that buyers rate this highly and time after time buyers say this one is very functional, affordable and easy to use

However if this is not the maker for you, then check out the top 10 list here.

Overall though if you want a well made simple to use maker, then this is a very good choice.

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